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Fast Boats And Fast Times

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In the gruesome battle for Guadalcanal, David Levy was skipper of PT 59, one of several Patrol/Torpedo boats that were among the first U.S. Navy vessels to engage Japanese warships at the beginning of World War II. Dave's wartime experiences in the South Pacific marked one of the most transformative periods in his life. In the Navy he quickly learned to assume a "deal-maker" persona that helped him get along with fellow PT boat skippers, many of whom, like future president John F. Kennedy, came from privileged East Coast families. He got to be known in the Navy by the nickname "Hogan," famous as "the guy to go to," who could get things done, organize parties well-stocked with liquor and women, obtain supplies when none seemed available, and, in those early, desperate days of the battle for Guadalcanal, also perform in the top ranks of competent PT boat skippers. The PT boats were small, maneuverable, and fast, and they were given the seemingly impossible mission of regularly engaging and sinking the much larger and more numerous destroyers, cruisers, and battleships of the Imperial Japanese Navy. Dave's PT 59 was in the thick of all the action. These brave PT boat skippers, many of whom were graduates of Ivy League colleges or the U.S. Naval Academy, were a hard-partying group, and their "fast times" during World War II epitomized the intensity with which life was lived by those who, like Dave, were fully engaged in the deadly struggles of the Pacific War. Dave's wartime experiences shaped the rest of his life, a long journey that has included a successful law career, annual ski trips to his vacation home in Aspen since the early 1950s, and fishing all over the world.

Sardine Goes Fishing (a Blabla Book)

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A simple, sweet, irresistible board book about a little fishing adventure- [LG1] featuring the beloved blabla dolls!
Sardine the blabla doll goes fishing and catches some silly things . . . and one very special prize! But who should get it? This rhyming board book is a sweet and charming story, perfect for sharing.
The blabla books feature blabla dolls, which were created by Susan Pritchett and Florence Wetterwald, two good friends with the same philosophy of life and beauty.? ?While visiting Peru,? they ?came across entire villages of ?expert ?knitters? who ?had been keeping the tradition alive for generations.? ?Inspired by their ?talent and ?touched by their ?gentle ?spirit,? ??Susan and Florence decided to start their own company of knitted products for children?.? ?They have? ?now? ?been collaborating with the same artisans for? ?over a decade.? ?With a commitment to fair trade and keeping environmental awareness in mind, blabla's mission is to continue to inspire joy and laughter.?[LG2] 
For more blabla doll stories, look for Night-Night, Wooly and Peekaboo, Pierre.

Encyclopedia Of Ships And Boats

RRP $38.99

Embark on a discovery of the nautical world with the Encyclopedia of Ships and Boats.

This fantastic pictorial reference guide will fascinate and educate children of all ages.


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