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Used Sailboat Buyer Beware

RRP $12.99

You can learn a great deal from others experiences. As my husband and I went through our sailboat buying experience I documented every step of our long and often times, frustrating journey. Tim has over 25 years experience as a commercial crab fisherman and journeyman ship fitter and I have a talent for researching and investigation from my former career as a real estate agent. Due to our back grounds in vessels and in sales, we think we have collected some very helpful information that you may never hear from the average sailboat buyer, or seller. In this book you will discover where we found much of our information and many other things we did along the way to successfully make our dream a reality. You will learn a little known purchasing strategy that could save you hundreds or even thousands of dollars. You will also discover how to contact the seller directly on any vessel you look at, a few creative ways of finding good deals if you are interested in a project boat, how to thoroughly inspect a vessel to locate major issues before you hire a surveyor, and much more! Our experiences were not always pleasant but we persevered and now we are living our dream. This little book is a small investment that could give you the winning edge as you look for and buy your vessel.

Renovate A Sailboat And Cross The Atlantic

RRP $245.00

This book may be of interest to anyone interested in buying a boat built outside the EU and importing that boat into the EU. Details of suppliers, discounts for equipment and materials and tips accumulated from various advisors and years of research are described. Skylark's original survey for US insurance, tips for clothing and personal comfort, preparing the boat for an Atlantic crossing to Europe and a report of one boat's experience meeting the EU regulations to obtain a CE mark for a US-built 1973 Pearson 36-1. George DuBose is a well-known music photographer with over 300 record covers and over 50 gold or platinum plaques to his name. He is writing and designing a series of books that showcase his photography for groups' album covers and promotional portraits for groups as diverse as the B52's and the Notorious B.I.G. In his spare time, he sails and works on his two Pearson yachts, a 1970 P26 and a 1973 P36-1.

Buying A Home

RRP $29.99

This book helps buyers to: navigate the property maze like an expert; successfully negotiate the purchase; organise the mortgage and solicitor; avoid the pitfalls others make; and confidently resolve common problems. It helps sellers to: choose the right estate agent; prepare the property for marketing; evaluate the all-important offers; prevent a chain from breaking; and take control of the sale through to its successful conclusion.

Adrift In A Boat

RRP $16.99

Few parts of the shores of old England present more beautiful and romantic scenery than is to be found on the coast of Cornwall. There are deep bays, and bold headlands, and wild rocks, and lofty cliffs, and wooded heights, and bare downs, and yellow sands full of the most minute and delicate shells, so delicate that it is surprising how they could have existed in the rough and boisterous ocean, and been cast up whole from the depths below. In one of those beautiful bays, many years ago, a large party was collected, on a bright afternoon in the early part of autumn. Among the party were persons of all ages, but most of them were young, and all were apparently very busy. Some were engaged in tending a fire over which a pot was boiling, and others were collecting drift-wood thrown up close under the cliff, with which to feed it. Two or three young ladies, under the superintendence of a venerable matron, were spreading a tablecloth, though the sand looked so smooth and clear that it did not seem as if the most dainty of people could have required one.


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